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Unlock the Magick of March! - Get Wicca Magazine - Ostara!

Wicca Magazine of red haird woman minding a deer

Unlock the Magick of March! - Get Wicca Magazine - Ostara!

Get ready to cast some serious spells with Wicca Magazine! In each issue, we bring you a cauldron full of magickal knowledge and wisdom, covering all things Wiccan. From ancient traditions to modern practices, we've got you covered. So grab your wand and let's dive into the enchanting world of the craft!


What Brewing Inside This Issue?

  • Ostara Herbs and Plants: Bridging the Magickal and Medicinal Realms
  • Lemon Cleansing Ritual: Revitalize Your Energy and Space
  • Ostara and the Hare: Symbolism and Folklore
  • Calling the Hare for Fertility Ritual
  • Harnessing Planetary Power at Ostara
  • Ostara Crystals: Stones for Balance, Growth, and Renewal
  • Renewal Charm with Moonstone
  • Ostara Incense and Oils: Creating Seasonal Blends
  • Tincture for Revitalization
  • Ostara Egg Divination: Unlocking the Secrets of Renewal
  • The Ostara Egg Divination Ritual
  • The Significance of Balance at Ostara
  • Ostara Candle Spell for Balance and Growth
  • Ostara and Chakra Balancing: Aligning with Seasonal Energy
  • The Green Man and the Maiden: A Love Story of Spring
  • Ostara Garden Magick: Planning and Planting for Spring
  • Fertility Magick at Ostara: Embracing the Season of Life
  • Ostara Tarot Correspondences: Cards for Spring Insights
  • Insights for the Season Ahead: Ostara Equinox Tarot Spread
  • Solar Meditation: Channelling the Power of the Sun at Ostara
  • Sun Connection Ritual Incorporating Meditation
  • Spell Crafting and Magickal Theory: Weaving Your Personal Magick
  • Raymond Buckland and His Influence on Wicca
  • Ostara Basket Blessing Ritual
  • Elemental Power and Transformation
  • The Magick of Air - Ritual for Release
  • Magickal Places from Around the World
Wicca Magazine of red haird woman minding a deer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Wicca Magazine?

Wicca Magazine is a digital publication delving into various aspects of the craft. Every issue is crafted with 58-62 pages of beautiful designs, encompasses around 25,500 words, and includes ten spells and rituals.

  • Are Print Versions Available?

Wicca Magazine is exclusively available in a digital format, not only offering a realistic and easy-to-navigate reading experience but also supporting our commitment to environmental sustainability. By choosing digital, you help reduce paper use and conserve resources. Plus, you have the convenience to print or download issues for offline reading directly from the toolbar, allowing you to enjoy our magazine in a way that suits you and the planet.

  • How Often is Wicca Magazine Released?

As a member, you'll get a new issue of Wicca Magazine in your account every month, between the 10th and the 16th.

  • Will My Subscription Increase to in Future Months?

Our current plan is a monthly subscription at $9.99 (USD). Your subscription will renew automatically every 30 days from your first purchase.

  • Can I Stop My Subscription at Any Time?

Yes, subscribing to Wicca Magazine is hassle-free with no long-term contracts or commitments. You can cancel anytime by just emailing us at To make sure your cancellation is quick and smooth, please include the name and email address linked to your subscription. We'll handle your request within 24 hours.

  • Can I Read Wicca Magazine From a Mobile Device?

Yes, you can enjoy Wicca Magazine on any mobile device with internet. For the best reading experience, try turning your device sideways (landscape mode). Plus, if your screen is small, you can zoom in to read more easily. You can also download issues to read offline whenever you like.

  • How Can I Access Wicca Magazine?

After you subscribe, you'll get the latest issue of Wicca Magazine and all new issues in your membership account. Once you buy a subscription on our checkout page, we'll send you to a page where you can create your account. Remember to use the same email address you used to buy the subscription when you register. If you have any trouble with your account, our support team is ready to help. Just email us at

  • Do I Still Have Access To The Magazines That I Purchased If I Stop My Subscription?

As a valued member of our community, upon activating your subscription, you'll gain exclusive access to the membership area. Here, you're welcome to download issues of Wicca Magazine that correspond with the duration of your subscription. To ensure you retain your favorite reads, we recommend downloading each issue you've paid for before deciding to end your subscription. Our goal is to enhance your experience with Wicca Magazine, making every moment of your journey with us memorable.