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    What's Included In Ostara?
    • Circe: the Original Witch 
    • An Offering for Circe 
    • Ways to Make Magick with Your Garden 
    • Planting a Goddess Garden 
    • The Many Gifts of Jasmine
    • Jasmine for Prophetic Dreams
    • Mugwort 
    • Lucid Dreaming Ritual 
    • Divination: Reading Tea Leaves 
    • The Power of White
    • A Spell for Spiritual Growth 
    • Crafts to Celebrate the Ostara Sabbat 
    • Seed Packet Cards
    • The Goddess Hera 
    • Invoking Hera 
    • Recreating Oneself at Ostara 
    • Self-Recreation Ritual 
    • Rose Quartz 
    • An Ostara Friendship Ritual 
    • Ostara Kitchen Witchery
    • Lavender Honey Crème Brûlée for Ostara
    • Sigil Magick 
    • An Overview of Magickal Mechanics
    • Wiccan Earth Day Celebrations 
    • Coven Tree Planting Ritual 
    • The Birch Tree
    • A Spell for Renewing Creativity 
    • The Solar Plexus (manipura) Chakra 
    • Self-Confidence Ritual 
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