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Deities of the Harvest

Wicca is a profoundly personal belief system that is customized by each practitioner. There isn’t a singular set of rules that dictates the law of belief to all Witches as there is in other religions. Though we look to existing traditions for guidance, each practitioner molds the craft to themselves and adds their own spin to each ritual, spell, and intention. Just as there is no one way to do rituals and spells, there is no set deity in Wicca. Every Witch makes the practice their own, and as such, different Wiccans worship and honor different goddesses and gods. Some Witches honor only the Triple Goddess, in her three forms as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

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Lugh, the Sun God of Lughnasadh

Lugh is a famous Celtic God who is best known for being the Sun God of Lughnasadh, an important harvest celebration on the Wheel of the Year. But Lugh was not just a god of the sun as he has many skills that he was a master of simultaneously. He was also believed to have been a rather high spirited God who was a fierce warrior during wars and battles. You can consider Lugh a jack of all trades with how many skills that he has. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with everything Lugh can do. With Lughnasadh right on our doorstep, there is no better time to learn about Lugh, his influential power, and what he means for the harvest to come

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