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The Wiccan Rede

Within the Wiccan religion and witchcraft there are many pieces of literature that have become sacred teachings to the followers of both Wicca and witchcraft. One of these is now known as The Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede was first published in the Ostara edition of a magazine called The Green Egg by a self-claimed hereditary witch who went by the pseudonym of Lady Gwen Thompson. It was published in 1975 and with its publication, there was much controversy around where this piece of poetry, that was so rich in Witchcraft law and ritualistic secrets, came from. Whether or not Lady Gwen Thompson borrowed the final words, ‘eight words the Wiccan rede fulfill, an ye harm none, do what ye will’ from Doreen Valiente, we will never know, but she is quoted saying those words in a public speech a few years earlier.

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Learning Witchcraft

Welcome, youngling, to the craft. This is a massive tree with branches extending the universes known galaxies. The world of witchcraft is as old as humanity and it has now been found that the oldest known ritual is 70,000 years old. We have lore that stretches back to the conception of mankind, or the genetic manipulation, if that is a branch that you would like to climb…

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The Wiccan Triple Goddess

One of the most prominent aspects of the Wiccan religion is that of the Triple Goddess. Before we venture into the meaning and into the various goddesses who encompass this aspect in full, we must understand that the triple goddess is something that takes place in each of us, male or female, every single day. The Wiccan way is about balance. Every human being, regardless of their gender specification must find balance within themselves to find the enlightenment that they seek. The triple goddess is an aspect that is found within the feminine side of the human being. The triple aspect is broken into the maiden, the mother and the crone. This can also be equated as, research, creation and reflection.

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How to Become Wiccan

According to coven Wiccans and those who rule the roost in this modern-day and age, becoming a Wiccan is not as easy as picking up a book or by following the rules and regulations and daily life of a typical Wiccan. To call oneself a Wiccan within the Gardnerian tradition, one must be initiated and obtain ones first degree within a registered coven to be given the permission to call yourself a Wiccan and be recognized to begin your own coven one day. A brilliant author and founder of Seax Wicca saw this and presented a self-initiatory path to the world. This path is known as Seax Wicca, and it is the only path inside the many Wiccan lineages that accepts self-initiated Wiccans.

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