Our Writers

Lady Tashi
Lady TashiWriter
Lady Tashi was raised Catholic, leaving it at 17. She embraced Wicca while in the Navy. Over the years she has been a priestess of various circles and covens. In the early 90s, while living in the Washington DC area, she produced 70 episodes of the 1st regularly scheduled television program for witches by witches. Years later, seeking more profound mystical wisdom, she became Orthodox Tibetan Nun and lived a monastic life for seven years. These days she’s a newspaper columnist and hosts a weekly radio program focused on Witchcraft topics. 
Bev Campling
Bev CamplingWriter
Bev is a curious, independent and free-spirited writer and practicing witch who started doing witchy things as a child without knowing why. Since then her love of everything alternative and unconventional has only grown. Bev loves sharing what she’s learned with others and has no intention of stopping her journey of learning either.
Brooke Pillifant
Brooke PillifantWriter
At four years old, Brooke told her mother she heard god’s voice and it was a woman. Since that day she has been fascinated with religion. She holds a master’s degree in the sociology of religion and a doctorate in alternative medicine. She has been the high priestess of covens in both New Orleans and Washington DC. She loves to write, has 4 kids, and welds in what is left of her spare time.
Natalie Bucsko
Natalie BucskoWriter
Natalie has been studying witchcraft since high school, though she didn’t begin practicing in earnest until her 20s. Though she writes about many different facets of the craft, her personal practice focuses mostly on balance and gratitude. She is particularly interested in the history of witchcraft in relation to feminist theory. She loves to read, write, watch movies and sports, and craft. She lives in Georgia with her husband, daughters, and dog.
Andrea Moran
Andrea MoranWriter
Growing up Andrea didn’t feel a true connection to her family’s religion, it wasn’t until she took a Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion class in community college did she find her calling. She holds a BA in English Rhetoric and Composition and hopes her stories and articles can make a positive impact to the world. She currently resides in California with her three dogs and three reptiles.